the roots of the mediterranean cuisine

I was born in Andria (Southern Italy). My maternal grandparents owned a famous Osteria in Puglia in the 1920’s, and as a little girl I was lucky to learn the valuable traditions that my grandparents passed down to my mother. The wealth of knowledge that I learned in my mother’s kitchen inspired me to share my family’s valuable secrets in the kitchen.

It's harder than you would think to experience the traditional Italian cuisine in London. I can bring with me the wide knowledge, gained during my life spent in Puglia, Toscana and Veneto, of the original taste of the ingredients and of traditional ways of cooking them. 


Homemade pasta and bread

Everything I prepare is homemade including  sourdough bread and pasta made with the best flours: these are the basis of a tasty cuisine.

Local food in a different way

Wonderful things come from the crossing of different cultures.

all around your family

Using so many ingredients and always new recipes, I prepare meals accordingly, matching taste and needs of householder and his guests.