I was born in Andria (Puglia), where I lived for most of my youth. After I got married I moved to Siena (Tuscany) with my husband, where I also finished my studies in architecture at the University of Florence. I worked as a landscape architect until very recently, when I decided to take a turn in my career.
Four years ago my sons had to leave the house for a job in Veneto and I found myself with the usual symptoms of the "empty nest" syndrome. What to do to fill the void? I began to host foreign students who came to Siena to learn Italian and I had to prepare for their breakfast and dinner seven days a week. My guests were enthusiastic of my dishes, my bread and focaccia. In particular, a lady that came from San Francisco, asked me one day: why don’t you write a cookbook? And so I began to write interactive eBooks for the iPad with the help of my husband, which took the photos and made the arrangements while I was cooking. The books have had an unexpected success and have been an opportunity for me to tell what I had learned in turn from my parents and grandparents, that had extensive cooking experience by running a traditional Osteria in Andria. Now that I live in London I want to do what never gets me bored: cooking for others. My cuisine is simple and for everyday, the ingredients are easy to find because mostly are local.
For an Italian, grocery shopping in London is not easy but after searching left and right now I have a map of the best places where I buy the best ingredients.
This is a blog about my culinary adventures.